What’s in My Pantry (July 2014)

Just thought I would share what the inside of my pantry looks like. I get a lot of questions about it and I myself love looking at other people’s pantry as well….. you can get a lot of idea’s, especially how to stock and stack and organize!  SO here is a peek into mine. These photo’s were taken in July….. I may update and make newer posts as my pantry grows, if you are interested. 😀  Just let me know in the comment section down below.

These are taken from the inside of my closet pantry:

Cereals, oatmeal, dry milk powder.

closet pantry 1


What I like to refer to as my magic potions.

Without these ingredients, I wouldn’t be able to make or create much of anything. haha

closet pantry 2



closet pantry 3


Flour, oils, chocolate chips, syrups, ect.

closet pantry 4


Bulk items: flour, sugar, salt, #10 cans, potatoes, ect.

closet pantry 5


This is my closet pantry as a whole.

closet pantry whole



My lower cabinet pantry:

Home canned beans.

lower pantry 1


Home canned pineapple, salsa, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce,

chicken broth and potatoes.

lower pantry 2


Home canned onion soup, organic baby carrots, green beans, ground beef, chicken breast,

sweet onion jam, grape jelly, blueberry jam, candy apple jelly, pineapple jam, carrot cake jam, white clover syrup and dandelion jelly.

lower pantry 3 thekneadyhomesteader.com


My lower cabinet pantry.

lower pantry cabinets



My top cabinet pantry:

Random chips for lunches and tortilla chips for salsa and nachos.

Pasta which I keep in Mason Jars.

top pantry 1


Drink mixes and peanut butters.

top pantry 2



top pantry 3


Emergency stores.

top pantry 4



And if anyone is interested, here is an actual video tour:


9 thoughts on “What’s in My Pantry (July 2014)

  1. Oh my good God girl I bow down to your excellent pantry skills. I dream of this. Such goodness here already canned and ready to eat and all of the ingredients to make what you and and need from scratch. I am such a huge fan of yours. You make me want to re-do my pantry which is a huge, huge unorganized mess…love what you’re doing. Keep it up mama!!

    • awwww thanks Laverne!!!! Gurl, let me come on over, we can go through your pantry together! HAHAHAHAHAHA Trust me when I say, this has been a long, 6 month process of change and evolution. LOL It didn’t always come easy. Sometimes, I just want and oreo, a coke, a pizza pocket! HAHAHAHA my lazy days.

  2. Can i come over i just got hungry !! Lol looking at ur pantry

  3. I got to say that it looks lovely, I really want mine to look like that. Lol

  4. I love the way your pantry is arranged but, where do you put your dishes and pots and pans? I found your YouTube thru Noreen. Love your YouTube channel, watch everyone.

    • Hey Pauletta!!!! I will make a kitchen tour video for you this week….. and share where and how I store everything. 😀 But my dishes are on the other side of my kitchen right on top of where I can… on that counter, if that makes sense? LOL

      • I don’t want to put you to any trouble. I know how busy you are and with the health problems a while back I surely dont know how you do it all. I guess when I was younger I did a lot too. I love watching you. I an 64 years old now. I do all the canning that I can and raise gardens, but I have slowed down so much. Keep it up. Love you and your family.

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