Homemade Vanilla Extract


My bottles were purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics…. for $1.00/ea

Any bottle will do. If you can find a dark one, GREAT! If not, just try to keep your bottle in the farthest, darkest corner of your pantry. Even a Mason Jar will do. 🙂


5 Vanilla Beans per 1 cup Vodka.

Any Vodka will do as long as it is a min of 80 Proof.  I used 100 Proof Smirnoff.

I also used 6 Vanilla Beans (sliced in half) and filled my jars up to the rim with Vodka. It does not have to be exact.

Place in your pantry for 6 weeks, shaking your bottle/bottles every few days.

Enjoy! When bottle gets half way empty, go ahead and refill it with additional Vodka. UNLESS using 180 Proof Vodka. At that strength, your beans will only be good for one time use.


Vanilla Beans can be purchased here:





My Vanilla Extract after 2 weeks of sitting (shaking bottles every few days). They are looking beautiful! 4 more weeks to go!!!!!

vanilla extract 2 weeks




Homemade Vanilla Sugar

Simple and easy to do! 

5 Vanilla Beans (slice in half)


1 Jar (I used a Mason Jar)


Just layer the sliced vanilla beans in between the sugar as you fill your jar. Let sit. The longer it sits, the stronger the vailla taste. This can be used in recipes, on top of muffins, doughnuts, used in your coffee or tea. Anywhere you would use sugar. 😀


Beans can be found HERE for purchase at a great price:




Pressure Canning Leftovers

I try to make a habit now of pulling out my pressure canner on nights I know I will have leftovers. This makes canning easy! Instead of putting food into a big tupperware container, I just throw it into some clean jars while my food is still warm.  Tonight, I am canning leftover meat sauce from making mostacholi. Simple and easy!  Just throw your leftover sauce into pint or quart sized jars and process them.  For meat sauce, you process your jars for 60 minutes for pints, 70 minutes for quarts. I have 4 pints in my canner at the moment. They will be out of the canner in an hour and in my pantry by morning.  This makes busy weeknights really easy! You don’t have to make anything from scratch! Just pop the jar open and dump it on some pasta. haha  I decided to can my sauce in pint jars because it also makes it perfect for weekend lunches for my husband and I when we are home alone.  It’s just something I thought I would share with all of you, since doing this has saved me a lot of money and I don’t throw away any leftovers anymore that have gone bad in the back of the fridge!