Leftover Makeover: Spinach & Mushroom Ravioli Alfredo & Pasta Fagioli

Leftovers from previous nights dinner of Ravioli & Meat Sauce… turned into Ravioli in a mushroom spinach cream sauce and pasta fagioli, a copycat recipe from the Olive Garden.

Ravioli I added a cream base, sauteed mushrooms, celery and spinach. I added salt, pepper and sweet basil.

Pasta Fagioli I sauteed celery, onion and carrots, added spaghetti sauce, thinned it out with 3 cups of water, added 2 tbs of white vinegar, a home canned jar of navy beans and red kidney beans, and 3 cups of cooked macaroni pasta.


leftover makeover ravioli


leftover makeover pasta fagioli


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My Weekly Meal Plan for Sept 1-7, 2014

Many people have requested this….. so I will try to remember to add these weekly, just for inspiration and an idea of how I create my weekly meal plans.  My goal is to always use up what I have on hand, as well as incorporating any leftovers.  I will also make 3 loaves of fresh bread for the week…. 2 plain for sandwiches and 1 cinnamon raisin for breakfast.


Monday, Sept 1st

Chinese Take-out….. in celebration of the 1st day of school the following day.  Treating the boys. 🙂


Tuesday, Sept 2nd

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, mac and cheese, and green beans.

    *using homemade BBQ sauce, home-baked buns, mac and cheese and home canned green beans.


Wednesday, Sept 3rd

BBQ Chicken Pizza and salad.

    *using leftover chicken and BBQ sauce from Tuesday night’s dinner.


Thursday, Sept 4th

Chili and Cornbread

    *using home canned beans


Friday, Sept 5th

Loose meat hamburgers/coneys with roasted potatoes and green beans…. with home-baked hot dog buns.

    *using leftover chili and home canned beans.  You could also make taco’s and use the leftover chili in lieu of refried beans on the taco’s!


Saturday, Sept 6th


Pizza, chips and CAKE!


Sunday, Sept 7th

Breakfast: Big country breakfast with eggs, sausage, potatoes and pancakes.

Dinner:  Broccoli and Sausage one-pot meal…… using leftover sausage from breakfast.  Baking homemade rolls to go with it.



Want to hear more…. check out my youtube video where I touch on the subject of how I write my meal plans.