Leftover Makeover: Spinach & Mushroom Ravioli Alfredo & Pasta Fagioli

Leftovers from previous nights dinner of Ravioli & Meat Sauce… turned into Ravioli in a mushroom spinach cream sauce and pasta fagioli, a copycat recipe from the Olive Garden.

Ravioli I added a cream base, sauteed mushrooms, celery and spinach. I added salt, pepper and sweet basil.

Pasta Fagioli I sauteed celery, onion and carrots, added spaghetti sauce, thinned it out with 3 cups of water, added 2 tbs of white vinegar, a home canned jar of navy beans and red kidney beans, and 3 cups of cooked macaroni pasta.


leftover makeover ravioli


leftover makeover pasta fagioli


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