Prepardness Tip: 50lbs of Rice

Just a quick “Kneady” tip when planning for emergencies…..

One pound of rice makes ten 3/4 cup servings (1/4 cup dry, 3/4 cup cooked).

A 50lb bag of rice will feed you and your family 500-1 cup per servings. 

1-50lb bag of rice per person will feed each individual 3 servings, everyday for over 6 months.  Mix that rice with beans or vegetables, or with powdered shelf-stable milk for rice pudding for breakfasts and you could whether any catastrophe for a minimum of 6 months without leaving your home, if you had to.

6 thoughts on “Prepardness Tip: 50lbs of Rice

    • i put a lot of my rise in half gallon mason jars….. you can vacuum seal them in bags…. or you can store them in plastic bins. i even know some people who place them in black garbage bags and slide them right under the beds!

  1. Do you have a long term food storage for six months or a year and do you consider yourself a prepper? If so, what are you preparing for? Love everything you do!

  2. I am thinking of trying to put rice and other food stuff in those big white Lowes (i dont know if home depot has the same thing) buckets for around 5 bucks. they are suposed to be food grade (#2?) plasitc. you can always just put your rice bag in one of those I would think and maybe some Oxygen absorbers too. Ive also seen people on youtube who prep using these. Lowes even states their food grade on the web site.

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