Pepperoni Bread

Pepperoni Bread
Follow the Pizza Dough Recipe, listed below. Then, after it’s risen….. do the following with the dough:

1 beaten egg white
1-2 packages Pepperoni
1-block mozzarella cheese, grated
Pizza Seasoning….. recipe posted on page.

Lay out your dough. stretch it out, forming a square. You can even use your rolling pin to make it easier.  Sprinkle a good layer of cheese. Top cheese with a good layer of pepperoni….making sure the entire dough surface is covered. Then sprinkle additional cheese on top of pepperoni. Sprinkle pizza seasoning. then roll the dough tightly into a roll shape…. starting at one end, rolling tightly. Pinch dough seam together. tuck ends in and pinch together. flip over roll, baste with beaten egg white…then sprinkle pizza spice on dough. cut air vents/slits into the top. Bake in a 400 degree oven for roughly 30 minutes until golden brown. Let it cool slightly to make slicing easier.

Pepperoni Bread

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  1. This has become a family favorite at our house! So easy but so so delicious! This is also an easy recipe for anyone that is new to cooking from scratch.

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