My 1st GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

To celebrate 8 years on YouTube, I am thanking ALL of my subscribers in my very 1st Giveaway!!!!! 

I have decided to share the products of a very close sister-friend of mine, Helene and her daughter Bella…. who has an incredible, all-natural product line that my entire family has been personally enjoying for well over a year now!

This contest is NOT to promote or grow my YouTube Channel, but rather to celebrate every loyal Subscriber that has joined me in sharing my Homesteading Journey.

For every person who has stuck with me or who has joined me, I thank you. This giveaway is to show how much you all mean to me. Everywhere you follow me will earn you an extra entry to thank you.

Now….. onto the giveaway!!!!!!

It will OPEN May 15th, on my 42nd birthday month, and End at the stroke of Midnight on June 1st…… my 8th Year Anniversary on YouTube! Good Luck to Everyone who enters!!!!

2 Prizes….. both for a $25 Gift Credit at Bella Enchanted

And EVERYONE is a WINNER, NO ONE is left out…..ALL OF YOU get a 10% DISCOUNT by using the discount code: KNEADY10 at Bella Enchanted


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45 thoughts on “My 1st GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  1. Hi there! I’m fairly new to your channel. I subbed after watching your newborn cloth diaper videos. I am the mother of one adorable 16 month old girl who has been cloth diapered since we got home from hospital, but I really want to use cloth right from the start with our next baby and I’ve found your videos on the subject super helpful. I’m also an aspiring homesteader (which is tricky living in a town apt, but we do what we can lol) and I just love your cheery spirit, you always make me happy and inspire me πŸ™‚ The thing from your video that sounded good to me was the sugar scrub…I love orange creamsicles.

    • The sugar scrub is AMAZING!!!!! I am so happy you found me! πŸ˜€ We cloth diapered in the hospital….. which is tricky. Keep count of your diapes….. nurses like to take them off and put on disposies! GAH!!!!! This time around, when they mark his lil’ bassinet with breastfed ONLY, I am going to have them add CLOTH DIAPERED ONLY too. hahahaha You give me a holler if you need any help on either end…. we moms need to stick together and build/form our own support network! πŸ˜€

      • Wha a generous giveaway Heather! I’m heading over to her site on Etsy and will look at her things. I’d love to try the Chapstick because I’m an EOS addict! Adore you!!! Btw, your hair looked beautiful ☺️

        • hahaha i was an EOS addict too!!!! Coconut Milk was my FAV! But it seems so dry now compared to Bella Enchanted! hahaha Now I keep the EOS in my purse and i keep Helene’s balms next to my bed, in my makeup bag and one in the living room! hahaha Matt has one and so do each one of the boys. LOL you cant go wrong for the price!

  2. This is so gracious of you and your friend. Thank you for giving us this opportunity, and here is to another 8 years!

    • CHEERS to that, Mama! πŸ˜€ And thank you for all the love and support and allowing me to share my journey with you. Good luck on winning! πŸ˜€ xoxoxoxox

  3. OMG the Orange Dreamsicle Scrub sounds amazing. My hubby would eat that right up! Hahaha

    • HAHAHAHA Matt when he smells it on me starts to growl. HAHAHAHAHA It does smell amazing, and in the morning, it is just what I need to feel awake and perky! Its better than coffee! hahaha

  4. The shea body butters are all quite lovely…love all of those!

  5. Wow all those products sound amazing…..Thanks for the give-a-way, Congrats on 8 years….

  6. Hi Heather πŸ™‚ Thank you for the giveaway. I only recently discovered you but I am SO GLAD I did! Your macaroni & cheese recipe is just well I only have 3 letters to describe it – OMG!. I haven’t been with you for 8 years but Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment! I would personally LOVE to try that Orange Dreamsicle Scrub. That sounds great. I hope I could use it but since it’s all natural maybe it would work for me. I have Lupus so my skin is SUPER sensitive.

    • My grandma Audrey had Lupus…… so I totally get it. You can always message Helene, right through her etsy shop and ask her…… if there is a way to make something specially for you, she is the gal to do it. Her heart is so big! And she really wants to help people stay healthy! The orange dreamsicle is amazing! it is the best way to take a morning shower!!!!! i always feel like walking summer when i use it. HAHAHA

  7. Love Love Love your channel. I too am a mother, homemaker was a wife of 25 years to a wonderful man I had to give back to god. I am trying to move on to a new chapter in my life at 46 and even though I am not in anyway needing to learn about diapers I find myself watching your diaper haul and love your trips to sam’s club. I love to cook and create new dishes, I am finding myself wanting a Wonder Mill after watching your videos, love Noreen’s channel also. But any how good luck on 8 years and good luck on your new journey of a daughter. Please keep the videos coming what you do is wonderful and this world needs more of you πŸ™‚

    • oh Melissa, this made me tear up. THANK YOU!!!!!! I am so deeply sorry for your loss here on this earth…… I am still mourning the loss of my mom who was my very best friend on this planet….. if you ever need a friendly ear or shoulder I am here for you, sister-friend. And THANK YOU!!!! xoxo

  8. I would love to try the cream for baby’s bottom! I cloth diaper my 8 week old and all i have on hand currently is Boudreaux butt cream, I would much prefer something all natural that won’t leave residue on my diapers!!! Also the stuff to spray on my husbands beard to make it soft!! He’s getting gray too ( he’s 37!) and I have noticed how ” rough ” his hair feels ( though I think gray hair and facial hair is sexy! haha) I’d like it not to feel like a Brillo pad lol. I’m going to head over to Bella’s enchanted etsy shop now πŸ™‚

    • hahaha yeah the rough hair is ouchie! LOL i bet you guys would love the beard spray!!!!! OH and the sweet cheeks bum cream! i tried using those disposable diaper liners….. I think I paid $10 for a roll. they are the worst! hahaha they never stay in place and cream always goes everywhere! its so nice with Bella’s cream because i dont have to worry at all about my diapers! one less things to stress about when it comes to cloth diaper washing. HAHAHAHA

  9. Wow this is great! I love organic products! I will be stopping by Bella Enchanted to check out all of these products. It sounds like she has quite a nice line. By the way you looked beautiful!

    • thanks Vicki!!!!! you are so sweet!!!! yeah, I have been on this journey, and using all natural products like creams and washes just make me feel even more in line with the direction I want to take my life. and my family! it is nice being able to use all natural safe products on mason!

  10. Thanks so much for your blog and your great videos and for entering me in your contest.

  11. This is such a nice thing you guys are doing! I would love to try the natural deodorant because I haven’t found one I love yet. I would also love to try the bug replant for my husband. Thanks again for the giveaway and congrats on your anniversary!

  12. Thank you so much for thinking of us, Heather. You are a joy to watch.

  13. Thank you for the chance! Wow so many things but the Chocolate Mint Whipped Body Butter sounds sooo amazing and since I’m on my diet .. I can just smell myself all day HAHA love your channel so much I get very excited when I see new videos up!! Can’t wait for many more!

  14. I’d like to try the powder. I’m hoping she has some stuff I can use. I’m so allergic to everything. I can not use any beauty products or soap that comes from the store. I’m even allergic to water. I’m it itchy and broke out all the time.

  15. Congrats on 8 years! I would love to try the healing stick, it sounds amazing. Thank you for this giveaway πŸ™‚

  16. I wanted to thank you for telling us about Bella enchanted. I am allergic to fragrance.
    I contacted Melissa through wed site link told her my problem and is willing to reduce
    Essential oil to bring down scent. It was wonderful to find shop willing to work with us
    Fragrance challenged. I place an order and hope all your viewers will check out Bella enchanted. Thanks

  17. I love ur channel Heather . All your recipes look so yummy . I love your onion soup recipe and the bbq sauce . There both the bomb ! Next i am going to make your mac and cheese . I’ll let you know how it turns out . This is a great giveaway . I would really love to try the bug spray and the eye wrinkle cream and the beard spray for my husband as his beard is like a brillo pad , lolol . Congrats on the baby and your first giveaway !! Have a great Sunday and the week ahead . hugs n xx from Michigan .

  18. This giveaway is awesome! I have seen many of your YouTube videos over and over because I am cloth diapering my daughter who was born in early March. Your videos have been wonderful guides and I have also recently switched my toddler over to cloth. If I were chosen as a winner I would love to get the cloth safe diaper cream and one of the sugar scrubs.

  19. Oh my gosh the Orange dreamsicle scrub sounds amazing. But all the products sound good. Love love your channel. I to am a homesteader and make everything from scratch love the menu planning and bread recipes. Always trying to come up with new ideas of making stuff.. Can’t wait for baby girl to get here

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