I am a Mom to a High School Graduate!

*deep breath*  Just saying those words makes my eyeballs swell with tears. I feel like Father Time played a cruel joke on me. Time flew by so quickly. Jake is my oldest son. I remember holding his hand, walking him into preschool at just 4 years old. Hiding pumpkins in the school yard for him on Halloween, October 2000.  I remember my baby being locked down in his Kindergarten classroom, September 11, 2001.  Luckily, we lived directly across from the school at that time, and I was able to sit on my front porch and stare at his classroom window until they allowed all the children to go home to the safety of their parents. Jake was the last graduating class that was in school at the time of 9/11. We have been at war since my baby has been in kindergarten…. and now, he has graduated. Hard to wrap your mind around that.

This weekend, I am working on his collage board….. going through old photo’s….. memories are flooding back. What an amazing boy. I am so lucky and grateful to be his Mom……. I gave him good roots. Now, I give him his wings.


jakes grad poster 2

6 thoughts on “I am a Mom to a High School Graduate!

  1. Now that my son is entering Kindergarten in September…I’m panicking reading & feeling how quickly time will pass.
    Congratulations on your graduation Jake! Best of luck in college!

  2. Congrats on his graduation. My daughter is 16 and is a junior in high school. My baby is growing up so fast.

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