Instant Pancake Mix

The foundation of this recipe my sister-friend Naida Robinson aka CanadianPatriot1973. I have tweaked it just a tad and I have not used another pancake mix since trying this one. It is AMAZING! Only need water! Perfect for Camping or for long term food storage.

Pancake Mix:

*12 cups flour
*1 1/2 cup sugar
*2 cups dry milk powder
*2 tbs baking soda
*5 tbs baking powder
*1 tbs salt

Put all dry ingredients into bowl. Mix very well with whisk. Store in container. Mix is ready to use! Just add water!!!!

When making pancakes, mix 1 cup mix with 1 cup water. Mix well with whisk.

1 tsp of vanilla extract may be added at the same time you add your water.  You can also add blueberries or chocolate chips or any other add-in’s you love in your pancakes!

3 cups of mix with 2 1/2 cups of water makes approximately 13 large pancakes.Dry Pancake Mix

Credit to: Naida


3 thoughts on “Instant Pancake Mix

  1. Love the recipe…..I use one very similar… I just add eggs and instead of water I use milk…. But it’s perfect for long storage or emergency…. Love your channel….

  2. Hi, I love your information and recipes! I am new to canning and everything I have done so far is what you have taught me. LOL. You’re a great teacher. No one in my family ever canned and my husband is really not on board but I do it anyway. My daughter is grown (21) at least she thinks she is, so she doesn’t eat a lot anymore. This is perfect for me. I wanted to know, do the asterisks mean anything? You have them at the beginning of each ingredient so I thought I would ask. Thanks so much

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