Easy Homemade Breadcrumbs

Easy Peasy Guys!


Waste not want not…. so the saying goes. I rarely throw any food out anymore. I even save my vegetable scraps to make broth.  So of course, I would save old, stale bread. You can make homemade croutons but what I love to make the most, homemade breadcrumbs. So, let’s make some together!


Now, every once in awhile I bake an “ugly” loaf of bread. Two days ago, I did just that when I let them rise a little TOO long. Busy Mom life will do that every once in awhile. One loaf was eaten by my boys because to be honest, they don’t really care how ugly my bread is. haha But one loaf was not.



SO what I do is slice it in half



And then I slice it into cubes



And then it is time to play with my 13-cup KitchenAid Food Processor!  If you don’t have a food processor you can grate bread by hand like my Mom used to do.


We are going to use the regular chopping blade



Then, go ahead and add your bread chunks


And begin to chop



Now when adding your bread, if the chunks get “stuck” going down the tube, don’t forget to you can give them a gentle push with your pusher!



You will end up with finely chopped breadcrumbs. BEAUTIFUL!



Normally I would bag these up using my Food Saver but if you don’t have one, you can use Ziplock bags OR even throw them into Mason Jars.  Use a funnel so the mess is less. haha



One BIG loaf of bread fit into 2 quart sized jars.



And there ya have it folks. Easy! And cheap! Never throw another loaf of bread away again!!!!




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