4 thoughts on “Canning Potatoes

  1. Hello!!
    How’s it going? Well it is cold now and you would think I would be done canning but no! I just canned cranberry sauce and twenty quarts of sweet potatoes. This is the first time I have canned them. Don’t know why I haven’t be for because we love them. Have you tried them yet? Several jars lost about an inch if their juice! Bummer! Oh well they still look so good. I can’t wait to crack open a jar. I may just have to do that tomorrow!
    Have a great night!

    • Hey Vickie!!! WOW!!! Way to go!!!! I have not canned in over a week due to all the thanksgiving stuff! LOL i miss it. My kids sadly dont care for sweet potatoes, but i do can yukon golds and russets. I have not canned cranberry sauce yet, but now that i know how to make it, it is on the MUST HAVE list! 😀

      • I make a fresh uncooked cranberry sauce for the holidays but decided I would like to try canning some. I do not care for the store canned sauce at all but the home canned was not to bad. I think it would be great with a baked chicken later on in the winter.
        Can you believe this michigan weather? Warm one minute freezing the next. Oh well that is living in Michigan right?!

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