Canning French Onion Soup

I absolutely LOVE this recipe! I use it in my “loose meat” sandwiches. Some of you might have had a loose hamburger at coney island? The secret ingredient is onion soup. Add it to your cooked burger and allow it to reduce on low simmer….. the meat soaks up all the soup broth leaving you with this amazing flavor and of course, onions in your meat mixture.  Serve it on hamburger or hot dog buns.

OK, let’s make this!

10 onions. I used sweet onions because I like them on the sweet side but choose any onion you like. They will “can” a bit sweeter after processing so keep that in mind. I used Vidalia.

Sauteed them in 2 tbl of butter until they are transparent and caramelized.  I also add a tsp of canning salt and pepper to mine.

onion soup 1

In a BIG dutch oven/sauce pan add:

12 cups beef broth (your own homemade broth or store bought will do….. I used beef bouillon paste for mine)
3/4 tsp. garlic powder
2 tsp. steak sauce (any kind, I used A1)
2 tsp. salt (I used canning salt)

Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally.

Spoon the cooked onions into each one of your HOT Mason Jars…… then ladle the hot soup broth into each jar leaving 1″ headspace.

onion soup 3

Wipe your rims using vinegar and add your lids and rings.

Process the jars of soup in your pressure canner at 10 pounds pressure for 75 minutes. But check your elevation where you live and adjust if you need to.

onion soup 2

Once processed, allow them to cool completely. Enjoy!

onion soup 4



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