About Me


Hi there and welcome to my home away from the homestead!

I’m The Kneady Homesteader, aka Heather.

I was born and raised in Detroit for the first 21 years of my life, I was a city girl through and through! I left the city behind for the rural area of Mid-Michigan.  I am 42 years old, a wife, a cloth diapering mom to 5 sons and a daughter. I am a city girl on a mission to teach myself all there is to know about living self-sufficiently and being more self-sustainable. Highly interested in activism and social awareness, my path over the last 13 years has led me here to Homesteading.  My family sold 80% of what we owned, downsized, lived a year retraining ourselves to buy ONLY necessities and learning the differences between WANTS vs NEEDS.  In January 2014, we walked away from prepackaged, grocery store foods, and I began the journey of teaching myself everything from how to cook from scratch, to home preserving/canning, to making my own laundry soap and much, much more. My husband and I have a dream…. a vision for our children….. we want them to not only be happy and peaceful, but to live their dreams, to find their passion in life and make it happen. The best way to teach this to our 5 sons and our daughter is to live it ourselves.  I want to document my journey to doing just that and share it with all of you!  My hope is that if even one person is inspired or feels empowered, like I did, to live their passion or follow their dream, then I will have paid it forward.  I hope you enjoy my journey!